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Size chart for stretch-to-fit custom socks & all available sizes has built its reputation on its unique and innovative stretch-to-fit model, which fits most adult male and female sizes.

The size chart below shows in details which sizes our stretch-to-fit model covers - this means that as long as the sizes you need are included below, whether they are male of female sizes, one order will cover all your needs.

Stretch-to-Fit Socks Sizes
USA Men's Shoe Sizes 6.5 - 13
USA Women's Shoe Sizes 6 +
European Shoe Sizes 36 - 45

Even though, stretch-to-fit socks are our most popular and cost effective model, we can also make the following sizes below if needed:

Special Sizes
Adult Sizes S/M
Adult Sizes L/XL
Kid Sizes Any size*

*minimum quantity: 100/age range And if you need smaller or bigger sizes that you don't see in the size chart above, whether it's male or female, adult or kid, it's no problem either:

>> We can create any size you want <<

Just ask us!

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